“Nobody goes to birthdays in summer”

Cía. Hermanos Picohueso

Show of new lenguages for performing arts about humans’ obsession for wanting to be always remembered.

  • Company: Hermanos Picohueso
  • Co-production Teatre Principal de Palma
  • Author: Lluki Portas
  • Direction and interpretation: Lluki Portas y Diego Ingold
  • Management advice: Ernesto Collado
  • Scenography: Josep Orfila
  • Customes: Pau Aulí
  • Lighting: Jaume MIralles / Rafel Febrer
  • Audiovisuals: Hermanos PicoHueso
  • Production: Maria Capell Pera
  • Production Assistant: Gal·la Peire Camps
  • Language: Spanish or Catalan
  • Duration: 70 minutes

Piece for theater and non-conventional spaces such as terraces and patios


Why does nobody go to birthdays in summer? They have become superheroes those who are not remembered on their birthday? What is done with all the sandwiches that are not eaten or the chips that are left over?

“Nobody goes to birthdays in summer” is a party where we invite the public to make a collage. A game between innocence, existential problems and where one question stands out: why do we do what we do?


Co-production Teatre Principal de Palma

Fira Tàrrega 2017 (Premiere spanish version)

Las Naves (Valencia) and Fira B 2017

Festival Escena Abierta Burgos 2018, Festival Kaldearte 2018

CACIM (Catálogo de Actividades Culturales de Mallorca), Talent IB (Baleares) y Programa.cat (Catalunya)

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Carmen Buelohá“Nobody goes to birthdays in summer” by Hermanos Picohueso