“Kinesis” de Cia. Des-equilibrats

Multidisciplinary show of contemporary circus that talks about human relationships

  • Company: Des-equilibrats
  • Direction: Pau Portabella (companyia “fet a mà”)
  • Artists: Antonio Rosselló Martin and Coloma Roig Paredes
  • Customes: Txell Joanot
  • Original Music: Jan Benz
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Audience: All types of public
  • Text: No text

Piece for street and indoor spaces which meet certain technical conditions


Two characters, two universes, two circus techniques, one structure, and one stage space. Two contrasts forced to adapt and evolve to create a shared language. Circus as a language of expression.

Des-equilibrats invites us to fly high with the emotions and spirits that Kinesis unleashes, to get away from rational logic.


Artist residency at Centre d’Investigació Escènica (C.IN.E) in Sineu

Finalists Matx de Circ CIRCAIRE 2017

Festival EiMa 2017 (work in progress)

Festival Arti i Sapori de Zoppola, l’ Scena Off del Festival Tutti Matti per Colorno (Italia)

PREMIERE Fira de Teatre Infantil i Juvenil de les Illes Balears 2017

Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg 2018 (Alemania)

Festival CIRCAIRE 2018 , Festival Circada OFF 2018


Kinesis shows us a meeting in which two bodies, their energies and emotions mix, evolve and change as they share the same space. It tells us about human relationships, how we interact with others, how this affects our lives and how we express ourselves. A multidisciplinary proposal based on circus that intermingles with contemporary dance and interpretation.


DIARIO DE MALLORCA. “´Kinesis´, de la compañía Des-equilibrats, seleccionada para ir a Alemania”

Crónica Festival Circaire 2018 . “El circ treu les banyes a les Illes Balears”  en Diari Jornada

Festival Circaire 2018 . Notícies IB3 Televisió

Graphic material

Pre-premiere Vídeo at Centro de Investigación Escénica (C.IN.E) in Sineu. January 2017

More pictures on Flickr

Carmen Buelohá“Kinesis” de Cia. des-equilibrats