“En Construcción” de Cía. Emilio Roig

Contemporary flamenco performance about the purity and ingenuity of living human relationships from simply feeling

  • Company: Cía. Emilio Roig
  • Concept, choreography and direction: Emilio Roig
  • Interpretation: Emilio Roig y Patricia Cantero
  • Guitarist: José Cortés
  • Customes: Pau Aulí
  • Technical direction and lighting: Jaume Miralles
  • Production: Carmen Buelohá
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Audience: All types of public
  • Text: No text

Performance for theater, street and non-conventional spaces


“En Construcción” –under construction- incorporates and explores the obsession to make, build and occupy the time of the human being, ignoring the “be present”, “the being”. The creation of an idea but without feeling it. Emilio Roig builds, then experiments and thus is trapped in the experience, all this, because he does not know that the source of everything is inside him.

“En Construcción” claims human dispersion in the how should it be that leads the current society to let ourselves be carried away by the purity and ingenuity of living human relationships simply from the feeling.


Festival Passejart en Palma de Mallorca (work in progress)

Festival EiMa en Maria de la Salut (work in progress)

Premiere November 2017 at Auditori de Peguera (Calvià)

Festival Palma Dansa 2018

Fira B, Teatre Principal de Palma


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Audience’s comments

Press dossier

Carmen Buelohá“En Construcción” de Emilio Roig