“CROTCH” by Cía. Baal

Multidisciplinary show of new languages for performing arts: performance dance, which reflects on gender identity

  • Company: Baal
  • Concept and direction: Catalina Carrasco
  • Interpretation: Catalina Carrasco, Elena Lalucat, Reinaldo Ribeiro + Feminist, transfeminist, activist and local LGTBI collective
  • Texts reviews (autobiographics) and dramaturgy: Miriam Escurriola, Carmen Martínez
  • Technical direction and lighting: Gaspar Morey
  • Production: Carmen Buelohá
  • Languages: Technical direction and lighting:
  • Duration: 50 minutes

Piece for theater with an adapted version for street and non-conventional spaces


Who said fear, shame, hide yourself? Fuck it! We’re visible, disobedient and dissident bodies that do not want to be reduced to the dichotomic categories of gender, nor repressed by society.

As Peter Lemebel said “… the body as a platform to dismantle the cultural symbologies structuring society, especially those referring to the division between the male and the female”


Artist Residency at El Graner and L’Estruch

Premiere Fira Tàrrega 2016

Sala Beckett en ciclo “La revolució de géneres” (la revolución de géneros), Showcase and Conference at CuLTUREN en Suiza, Teatre Principal de Palma, Can Serres (Ibiza), Teatro Diana/Sala Pasolini di Salerno (Italy), Red de Teatros Alternativos 2017, TNT Sevilla 2017

Teatro Circo Murcia, Civivox Iturrama Pamplona, Las Naves, Menorca Sala Multifuncional Es Mercadal


The topic will be presented with frailty, provocation, aggressivity, humour and responsibility by means of very physical and contemporary language. Some of the performers will be volunteers from the local collective nearby the venue.

The aim of the project is to put in light these disobedient and dissident bodies and thoughts, the acceptation of sexuality, the vanishing of gender as a solution to inequality. W also want to present the experiment that any of us can be female, male and anything in between in one and the same body.

Reviews and press

“La visibilidad (a través) de los cuerpos”. Crítica realizada por Fernando Solla en En Platea , actuación en Sala Beckett de Barcelona http://enplatea.com/?p=11729

“Trans”. Crítica de Emili Gené en periódico Última Hora realizada en la actuación del Teatre Principal de Palma

Entrevista a la Compañía Baal. Ismael Ruíz de Escenarios de Sevilla . : “Hemos acuñado para nuestro trabajo el término de TRANSDANZA”

Entrevista a Catalina Carrasco para la revista MAKMA : “El género es una herramienta muy fuerte de consumo”

Audience opinions

Carmen BueloháCROTCH de Cía. Baal