Distribution of performances

Distribution of Balearic’s shows

Performances for theaters, festivals, streets and non-conventional spaces

  • New languages for performing arts

    Multidisciplinary languages, contemporary dance, performance, circus and physical theater

  • Experiences

    Experiential shows that reflect the complex human relationships, with a reflexive or critical base.

  • All kinds of spaces

    Theater, Festivals and non-conventional places. Performances that adapt different in and outdoor spaces.

We will be at the next fairs 2018

Sismògraf Festival in Olot (Catalonia). April 19 to 22

Trapezi Festival in Reus (Catalunya). May 10 to 13

Tanz Messe  August 29 to September 1 in Cologne (Germany)

Fira B. September 27 to 30 in Palma de Mallorca

Fira de Teatre Infantil i Juvenil de les Illes Balears. October 18 to 21 in Vilafranca de Bonany

Mercartes November 7 to 9 in Valladolid

The Balearic Government subsidizes the majority of accommodation and travel expenses.

Balearic Creation Shows

Concha Vidal, multidisciplinar artist

Multidisciplinary shows where performance, video art, dance, theater and visual arts unite

Concha Vidal

"Kinesis" de Cia. Des-equilibrats

Multidisciplinary show of contemporary circus that talks about human relationships


"CROTCH" by Cía. Baal

Multidisciplinary show of new languages for performing arts: performance dance, which reflects on gender identity


"Nobody goes to birthdays in summer" - Cía. Hermanos Picohueso

Show of new lenguages for performing arts about humans’ obsession for wanting to be always remembered.

Nobosy goes to birthdays in summer

"En Construcción" - Cía. Emilio Roig

Contemporary flamenco performance about the purity and ingenuity of living human relationships from simply feeling

En Construcción

"-KÏ-" de Cia. Des-equilibrats

Pieza de pequeño formato de circo contemporáneo que nace durante la creación del espectáculo “Kinesis”.


"CROTCH" - Cía. Baal

Piece of small format for street and non-conventional dance performance spaces that reflect on the gender identity that was born during the creation of the show “CROTCH”

CROTCH, non-conventional places

"Celler de Pell" - Cía. Hermanos Picohueso

Celler de Pell

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