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Transmit your work in a precise, coherent and conscious way

30-minute session for free

It can be in person  or via Skype, if your residence is outside Mallorca. Let’s talk!

Increase your visibility, improve your artistic personal brand, create personalized marketing plan, design communication strategy, feasibility study in national and / or international distribution of your production… Tell me what you have in mind and, from there, we will start to work, I’m all ears!

Let’s explore new possibilities and paths. After working for years with people from different countries who performed different functions, I know that most of the times it is the person himself/ herself who is hindered from achieving his goals.

How will we work together?

  • It is a teamwork
  • I require your commitment to work together in the definition and achievement of your objectives
  • My purpose is to accompany you on the road, help you overcome barriers, recover and create tools to achieve your goals
  • Without miracles. With consistency and work you get results
  • Normally in the first fixed visit the number of sessions in which we will work together

Get more visibility, shall we talk?

If you are considering this service, it is because you have been thinking for months that your idea or project may increase in visibility and viability but you are wondering how can you start.

On the one hand, I love arts, especially dance and everything that has to do with movement. I usually attend cultural and art events offered by the city. On the other hand, I have worked as an engineer for years, as a trainer in different areas, and since 2012 I dedicate to online marketing. Thanks to this, I have developed technical, analysis and problem solving skills. I work from the respect, maintaining the original idea and the artistic work, looking for a viable and realistic approach.


For me, it is very motivating to work in teams made up of different disciplines people. Habitual user of new technologies, I think that social networks are very powerful diffusion tools. To have a good presence on Internet is the key. Good planning is important so the energy of “good work” does not spread and give results.

Let’s work together!

Consulting Methodology

You have two options: a Single Session or hire a pack of Four Sessions that takes place during a month, one session each week. What I like the most about consulting is to be able to talk about you, investigate more about your work, know the reason for it and get to know you better. I give a very personalized service since it is not the same as you dedicate yourself to theater, performance, illustration, jewelry design or music. Not to mention that every person is a world! I firmly believe that each person is special. Sometimes you do not know your  strengths, what differentiates you and what is enigmatic in your work. I always look for a close manner, looking for motivation and teamwork.

First session is for Free

We will schedule a first free session of 30 minutes which has no cost for you, you can be in person or via Skype, if your residence is outside Mallorca. It is an initial talk without commitment or obligation to hire my services. Above all, it will serve to know each other and be able to detect your needs. This free initial session enters whether you contract a single session or a pack of 4 sessions later.

How is the Single Session?

You can request a single consultancy session to solve a specific need. Previously we will have a free initial talk, so you know exactly how I can help you reach your goal. In this way, I can work on your project in advance and during the session only focus on developing and detailing possible solutions.

What benefits do the 4 Session / 1 Month Program have?

The price per session is cheaper and includes more services. It is a kind of special service that helps your project to accelerate. Each week, for a month we will meet. My initial proposal is to work in each session an objective that goes from the artistic personal brand, cultural marketing strategies, review of communication strategy and viability of distribution in other national and / or international territories, although it can be modified / adapted. It includes mentoring, representation and intensive training services. During this month, I will provide information on calls, fairs, festivals … Somehow I will become your representative during this month, which will help your artistic work have a greater promotion.

How long is each session?

The image is the first thing that catches the attention of anyone who has an interest. It is what prompts to acquire a work of art, attend a show or attend a cultural event. The packaging is important, it is necessary that your project is presented and communicated with a related and significant identity.

How long is each session? Normally the duration of the session is 1h and 30 min. although it is flexible. If more time is required, it would not increase the cost. The time is designed so we can talk in a relaxed manner without being worried about you exceeding time.

| Single session |

This advisory service is aimed at finding concrete solutions. Does your artistic project convey your idea correctly? Are you looking for new ways to promote your works more? How do you get more visibility as an artist? Before the session, via email or telephone we will analyze your case, so that the query focuses on giving you a solution or proposing a strategy.

| Program of 4 sessions / 1 month |

For a month we will work together in the definition and achievement of your objectives. We will develop a personal artistic brand, cultural marketing, communication strategy and national and / or international distribution, although it may vary according to your needs. Remember that it is an exclusive service, during this month I will not advise more people, only you.

The payment of the advice is done in advance

Possibility of counseling sessions on Skype


“Desde que comencé a trabajar con Carmen Buelohá mi carrera ha dado un giro de 180º. Me ha ofrecido numerosos recursos para lanzar mi trabajo en la web, estrategias de marketing y sobre todo innovadoras perspectivas acerca de cómo impulsar mi trabajo. Su mente curiosa y creativa ha provocado también una profundización en mi trabajo como artista, ahondando en el por qué y para qué de mi obra. Ha sido sin duda una de las experiencias más enriquecedoras de mi vida. Gracias de todo corazón.”

Concha Vidal Performer y videoartista

“Nos conocimos en la inauguración de una exposición en una galería de arte. La energía y la alegría que desprende Carmen Buelohá al hablar de su trabajo, no tardó en hacerme recapacitar como para llamarla y solicitar sus servicios. Tenía olvidada mi parte de comunicación, redes sociales, website, marketing….Carmen me reorganizó toda mi historia profesional , y sacó a la luz recursos que tenía en el olvido para poder dar un nuevo enfoque a mi promoción artística. Los resultados empezaron a notarse en muy poco tiempo. Sin duda una muy buena experiencia que siempre le agradeceré.”

Marcos Juncal Escultor

“Cuando conocí a Carmen Buelohá, hace ahora casi dos años, quise inmediatamente poner mis proyectos en sus manos. Su determinación, su capacidad de organización y proyección me dan total confianza. También los resultados, pues juntos estamos consiguiendo los objetivos marcados en comunicación y visibilidad. Y lo que más me gusta: su constancia y su manera de trabajar en los proyectos como si fuesen suyos propios. Ello permite centrarme y dedicarle más tiempo a la parte artística de los proyectos. Siempre estaré agradecido de este cambio en mi vida profesional.”

Pau Bachero Actor, creador y director teatral

“Soy escritora y estaba pasando por un período de bloqueo bastante largo que me preocupaba. Le conté a Carmen mi problema y gracias a su carácter abierto y comprometido me sentí completamente a gusto hablando de mis fortalezas y debilidades y de todo aquello que podía estar bloqueándome. Ella no solo me ayudó a encontrar cuáles podían ser los motivos sino que me propuso diversas opciones por un lado para desbloquearme y, por otro, para poder mejorar mi promoción.”

Lluvia Beltrán Escritora

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Keep in mind that my advice rates range from € 175 to € 780. We will study your case to see what kind of service best suits your project and helps you achieve your goals. This first session is to know each ther, for free and without obligation.

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