Carmen Buelohá

I am passionate about Online Marketing, specifically Social Networks. I mainly work using Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking strategies. I like to take advantage of the available resources, I use creativity for this achievement. I am very interested in art, culture, and have worked in the performing arts sector. My day-to-day is surrounded by creative people who keep my mind open and awake.

Consultant and trainer of social networks and online marketing. I studied industrial technical engineering, however in 2013 I discovered the world of online marketing.

I started to train, experiment and manage different social media accounts. In 2015, I decided to bet on my passion and dedicate professionally to Online Communication. Born communicator, I teach Social Networks companies and I advise them about social networks strategies.

  • I live in Palma de Mallorca
  • Inbound Marketing Certification by Hubspot
  • Social Media Consultant. Online Marketing. Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP)
  • `` If they do not see you, you do not exist``. Having a good presence on Internet is fundamental
  • Master Project Management and Cultural Spaces. Diploma in Industrial Engineering

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My Story

I was born on November 2, 1982, in Valencia, the year of Naranjito. Carmen comes to me for my mother, who comes for her grandmother, so I share the name of my mother and great grandmother. To avoid confusion, as a child my brothers changed my name so that family and friends of all ages call me Carmina or Carmi.

I was always a good student; It was the “nerd” of class, the one that got outstanding. Today, I am very critical of formal education because it rewards good grades but neglects a lot, and sometimes even penalizes creativity.

Since I was little I showed aptitudes in music and dance, but those of us born in the 80’s have lived more proud of having a daughter, a lawyer or an engineer. I was good at numbers, so I chose the second option.

I studied Industrial Technical Engineering specializing in Electronics, followed by a master’s degree in Risk Prevention Work (of all specialties, I like psychosychology and ergonomics) and I obtained the Pedagogical Aptitude Training (CAP) which allowed me to teach subjects and develop my skills as a communicator and trainer. I did everything as planned: university career, Erasmus in Germany and later, I work as an engineer.

In 2007, I worked as an international technical consultant at Fermax S.A., a multinational in Valencia and I noticed that my life lacked something. At that time, I started to receive funky and hip hop dance classes on weekends. At that moment I realized that dance had to be part of my life. After spending a few months in Mexico and a summer in Mallorca, I was aware of how good the island is, so I decided to move.

My move to Mallorca in 2010 brought more dance, specifically contemporary dance, and followed by improvisation and clown theater classes. Devoured the shows that were presented in Mallorca, advised friends on “where to go” and “what to see” of the cultural offers that gave us the island. I thought that these recommendations could interest more people. From that need, from that concern, Inquieta Mental, blog de experiencias culturales en Mallorca.

In 2012, I worked as an engineer in Massanella SAU but at the same time, I was very interested in marketing, so I trained in online marketing and community management. I designed the online marketing plan of the company, I was in charge of creating and dynamizing social networks, and created sales and communication strategies. I combined my duties as an engineer in the Technical Department and as a social media strategist in the Marketing Committee.


Little by little art and culture were breaking into my day to day. I continued to study and I did a master’s degree in Project Management and Cultural Spaces. It was like Spiderman: by day he worked in the technical office and the marketing committee, and at night as a blogger he went to cultural events. Over time, the situation became untenable so I had to choose. In June 2015 I decided to merge my two passions and bet on a professional change in marketing and cultural communication. It was a complicated decision that caused a 180 degree turn and agitated my life, both professionally and personally. I feel happy and fortunate to be able to dedicate myself to what I’m passionate about, and that also allows me to work online sometimes, with the flexibility that entails.

Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work again in your life


I love working in teams made up of people from different disciplines, with creative people who make me rethink my vision of things. Each day is different, each project motivating. I use new technologies practically in everything, and I think that social networks are very powerful tools of diffusion, that is why I specialized in online marketing and I am a consultant in Social Media. For me, it is key to have a good presence on the Internet.

In the future I would love to manage the communication of an artistic space, such as a theater or museum where we can work in depth on the public’s loyalty, in the creation of new audiences. Specifically, in Mallorca, there is a disconnection between the public and the artist. On the one hand we have artists creating and presenting their work in spaces with little audience, while on the other hand the public in Mallorca has the perception that there is little cultural offer. My mission: to put them in communication.

My artistic facet

I am a restless person, who has little difficulty climbing onto a stage. In my free time, since 2008 – and whenever my schedule allows me – my hobbies are related to dance and theater classes: hip hop, contemporary dance, improvisation theater, clown, performance … Different types of workshops, but on I prefer to dance or experimental movement. I have had the good fortune of living behind the scenes different roles which helps me to understand the needs and concerns of the different artists I work with every day. I also like to write but I have not yet had the courage to share my writings with anyone, nor do I know if at any time I will be able to do so. Below, information about some workshops and projects in which I have been lucky enough to participate.

Short film «Cita a ciegas». 2019

Actriz en la obra “Salomé, els set vels”, dirigida por Jeroni Obrador y Guiem Juaneda. Estreno en Teatre Principal de Palma. 2016

Taller de Concha Vidal “Aproximación a la performance” que concluía con la perfomance “Sun on set”. 2015

Figuración en publicidad y televisión

Muestra del curso de Teatro de Improvisación de Oliver Romero. 2012

Figuración en la película “Implosión”. 2011

Appearence in press

Entrevista en “El Vecindario” de Virginia Moll. Enero 2020

Entrevista en Palma Activa, enero 2020

Última Hora. 25 de abril 2020. Encuentro online. Ladies Wine and Design Mallorca

Última Hora. 4 de marzo 2020. Charla “Marca Personal” de Majo García. Ladies Wine and Design Malllorca

Entrevista en Universo Femenino, Canal Fibwi. Sororidad Creativa, evento cierre de año de Ladies, Wine & Design Mallorca. Diciembre 2019.

Entrevista en Al Dia IB3, 26 de noviembre 2019

  • Artículo en Diario de Mallorca 19 de noviembre 2019

  • Entrevista en el programa “A fora d’Hora” de IB3 Ràdio. Empieza en 1h 15 min.

  • 7 de Marzo 2017. Última Hora. Mes de marzo todas las cápsulas formativas en Palma Activa serán impartidas por mujeres.


  • 2 de octubre 2015. En el III Festival de Videodanza de Palma.

Festival de VIdeoDanza Palma (2)

Mallorca Zeitung - Carmen Bueloha Inquieta Mental Mallorca

  • 8 de julio 2015. Entrevista en la radio COPE en el programa “La Mañana en Baleares” sobre actividades de ocio en Mallorca para los mallorquines. Se puede escuchar el audio aquí .
  • 3 de octubre 2014. #MallorcaFeelings. Blogtrip por Mallorca, organizado por Events&Feelings. Turismo sostenible, gastronomía, golf…

En una de las actividades de #MallorcaFeelings. Reforestación de la zona Sa Gramola.


  • 30 de noviembre 2013 I Aniversario de Mallorcablogs. Ultima Hora. Fotogalerías
I Aniversario Mallorcablogs UH
Carmen BueloháCarmen Buelohá, specialized in cultural communication