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I am Carmen Buelohá, social networks trainer and social media strategist. I train people who want to dedicate themselves to community management, and help companies to increase their online visibility and professional opportunities. How can I help you?

Hi! I am Carmen Buelohá, social media marketing consultant and trainer. I want to help you manage your social networks with a clear strategy that helps you gain visibility, connect with your audience and convert followers into customers and prescribers of your company or project.

Social Networks Training

I firmly believe that social networks are powerful communication platforms and most of the time their full potential is not used. One of the facets that I’m most passionate about is training. I like to be a part of the process of evolution towards a more professional management of Social Media Marketing.

I have taught in different companies. Within the digitization process, raise awareness among the staff of the importance of social networks in business communication strategy. Also longer courses aimed at acquiring knowledge in community management. As well as specific formations of the theme or a particular social network, such as Facebook or personal branding.

Social Networks Consulting

Do you feel overwhelmed because you hardly have any followers? Or worse yet, are your posts almost out of reach? It’s not about how many posts you make a week. The important thing is quality, not quantity. Convert followers into clients.

I advise companies on their social media and online marketing strategy. I help convey your value proposition. I have a special predilection for traditional, artisanal and creative companies. They are often companies with a strong connection to the territory’s culture. That is why they require a sensitivity and involvement that is more oriented towards visibility, more emotional connection with the audience and the dissemination of events. Without forgetting the approach to product or service sales, as well as loyalty.

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I studied Industrial Technical Engineering and worked for years at technical departments of different companies. With them I developed technical skills, analysis and problem solving skills. In 2013 I discovered the world of Online Marketing. Since then, I have made social media marketing profiles more dynamic, I train companies, I advise on the implementation and monitoring of the Social Media Plan and I create strategies for events or product sales.

If your reading has reached this point, you surely believe that the management of social networks of your companies or project can be improved. I would love to know what problem or doubts you have.

How can I help you?

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