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Communication and Management

Get more visibility, connect with your audience

“Hello! I’m Carmen, cultural manager specialized in online communication and performing arts management. My job is to help artists and spaces connect with their audience, to have greater visibility and viability with their projects. Think that a good communication strategy helps your cultural project increase in public, be better known and increase in reputation. “

  • Distribution of Balearic creation shows
  • Performing arts: circus, dance, performance and new languages
  • Shows for theaters, festivals and events
  • Courses of social networks and cultural communication
  • Conferences on cultural management and communication
  • Marketing advice for artists

services we offer

Communication and management services. Shows for theaters, festivals, events and unconventional spaces

Formation of social networks and cultural communication. Advice to artists and cultural spaces.

Distribution of Balearic’s performances

Performing arts performances of Balearic creation: contemporary dance, new scenic languages, circus and performance.

Singular proposals that seek proximity with the public in both theater and street halls, terraces, patios or unconventional spaces.

Courses of social networks and cultural communication

Practical courses aimed at learning the tools to get connected with your audience and have more visibility.

Courses of social networks for artists and cultural managers of Facebook, Instagram and more social networks. We teach you how to use them as cultural diffusion platforms or how to work your personal artistic brand to achieve greater visibility.

Advice for artists

One of the biggest problems an artist encounters is how to promote themselves. It is important to know each other to create a personal artistic brand related to your idea.

We help you to transmit your works in a precise, coherent and conscious way. Get more visibility and expand your professional opportunities. A completely personalized service.


Some projects, companies, companies and artists for whom I have worked

Creative synergies

“If you want to go fast, walk alone. If you want to go far, go accompanied. ” African proverb

We work as a team. Always in order to develop your artistic project in communication, marketing and management.

Carmen Buelohá Cultural Manager

Cultural manager and natural communicator, helps artists to connect with the audience in a creative and close way through social networks. "If they do not see you, you do not exist." Carmen helps you to increase your visibility and to know in which market your artistic work can fit.

Benázir Bazán Web Designer

Faithful believer that there are no boundaries for creativity and design. "Creator of Graphic Melodies" lives on design every day with intensity for 10 years. Benazir will gather the elements to perform the corporate identity and web design of your project.

Esther Morillo Graphic designer

Graphic designer and illustrator. Creativity as a way of life, adapting to the needs of its customers, offering personalized solutions and designing each project with all its soul are only small nuances that define the way you work.


Projects that I have been part of

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